Just wonder if Facebook, Twitter or other big social networks ever pick up ActivityPub. That would be best of both worlds: I can keep in touch with my friends and they can follow me here while I have my own data and rules at the same time...

Fixed 364 day calendar

There should be 364 days in a calendar year:

- It can be split 4 quarters which are 91 day longs.

- Each 91 day quarter can be split to 3 months which have 30-30-31 days in length.

- 91 = 7*13. So one quarter is exactly 13 weeks. There is no shift in weekdays.

To offset the drift from the tropical year a 28 day leap month are added to correct it. A year needs a leap month if: 159*year mod 3584 < 159.
This occurs roughly every 22 and 23 years (alternating).

US bond market sends recession signal

Whenever this happens recession follows.


"protip: alias sudo to "please" for a much more wholesome unix experience"

Change my mind: It's not possible to discuss moderately complex ideas on the internet

The average person is too dumb to comprehend it. The smart person find it too simple to care about it.

How much money do you need to save to retire?

If you can realize 2% real return on your portfolio then:

300 months worth of living cost is enough for 35 years.
400 months worth of living cost is enough for 55 years.
500 months worth of living cost is enough for 88 years - your entire lifespan
600 months worth of living cost is enough for 237 years - even your grand grand children can enjoy it.
700 months worth of living cost is enough forever.

Disclaimer: Of course you shouldn't inflate your living costs to make this possible.

#retirement #saving #money #investment

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